Improving ocean and climate understanding and resilience

We target grand challenges with the aim of improving ocean and climate understanding and resilience. Solutions to the challenges humanity, and the world, face are inherently interdisciplinary, and so is our lab. Blending cutting-edge computational and Earth science tools and knowledge, we combine theory, observations, and numerics to pioneer methods and create insight.

The group focuses on several research areas:

Computational: Injecting knowledge to guide innovation

  1. Data mining: Pioneer methods fit for purpose to uncover fundamental insight
  2. Sparse data inference: Leverage complicated and messy data
  3. AI for science: UQ and XAI for utilizing machine learning as a universal function approximator

Earth Science: Objective advancement of our understanding of the Earth

  1. Fundamental insight: Elucidate ocean and climate dynamics
  2. Forecasting: Improve predictions on long range weather and climate
  3. Resilience: Study impacts on physical and biogeochemical ocean and climate

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  • 24/01 - The US Dynamics Days conference invited Prof. Sonnewald to give a keynote and we are excited for Simon Dräger to present his first poster with CCOG!
  • 23/12 - Our session at the American Geosciences Union is around the corner and we are looking forward to an excellent round of talks. Prof. Sonnewald and Will Yik are both presenting.
  • 23/12 - Prof. Sonnewald was at UC Louvain as a visiting Professor working with a team on uncovering fundamental regimes in Antarctic sea-ice
  • 23/11 - Prof. Sonnewald is honored to recieve a certificate of recognition from the California State Assembly.
  • 23/10 - Our new paper, led by Will Yik is out now! Title: Southern Ocean Dynamics Under Climate Change: New Knowledge Through Physics-Guided Machine Learning. Read it “here”.
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